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In 2022, Juvéderm launched their YouTube channel to educate viewers on their line of products and dispel misconceptions about filler. Within the first year, the Juvéderm YouTube channel has received over 40 Million views (paid & organic combined).  

Treated with Juvéderm is a series of treatment diaries that showcase patient's journeys before, during and after treatment. With a focus on authenticity and transparency from the brand, this series is the first time Juvéderm showed the process of a full treatment. 

Agency: FCB Chicago
Role: Art Director
Copywriter: Ruth Brandt & EJ Johnson
Content Creator: Chris Colvin


The Lockup

Each Juvéderm content series has a unique lockup. For this series, it was important for the lockup to be flexible in order to highlight different treatment areas. The banner at the bottom of the lockup is used as a holding device in which the copy changes depending on that treatment area. The banner also uses the gradient coral as a background which is a consistent theme throughout each of the episodes. 

Real Treatments

The Treated with Juvéderm series is unique because it is the first time the brand ever showed a full treatment from start to finish. While the footage may make the viewer feel a bit squeamish, the brand felt it was important to accurately depict what a patient could expect while getting treated. In the end, majority of our talent felt almost no pain and all of them were happy with their end results. See Letitia's full episode below:

Leveraging BTS Content

One challenge we faced with this  series is that we had to script most of the episodes due to our brand's legal regulations. That being said, it was important that we still highlighted authentic reactions and emotions throughout each treatment journey. To achieve this, we leveraged behind- the-scenes footage throughout each episode to add that extra energy and personality to our talent's stories. See our BTS reel from this shoot below:

BTS shot & edited by Chris Colvin


Treatment Trailer Social 

We created a library of social assets alongside the episodes to drive our audience from different social platforms to Juvéderm's YouTube channel. We optimized these assets by making them short in length, high energy and leveraging a typography treatment that looks native to Instagram's reel platform. These tactics grab the viewer's attention and causes them to not 'swipe off' as quickly as they would a regular ad. 

The 360 B&A Series

Using the same content from the Treated with Juvéderm production, we were able to also make a series of Before & After videos for Juvéderm's YouTube channel. B&As are the brand's best performing assets across all campaigns and so we leveraged our existing content from that production to highlight our talent's end results from every angle. See Camille's 360 B&A below:  

See this content live on 
Juvéderm's YouTube channel here

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