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Juvéderm Lips

This campaign educated consumers on Juvéderm's lip products and the range of results that can be achieved with them. With over 50 assets in this social-first campaign, Juvéderm cast a wide net in messaging and results to appeal to a diverse audience. With lips being the most popular treatment across all filler brands, this campaign made Juvéderm's brand name recognizable and sought after by the patient. 

This was Juvéderm's largest campaign of 2022 and had a high success rate, resulting in 3x as many GenZ Juvéderm Lips patients than the year prior.

Agency: FCB Chicago
Role: Art Director
Associate Art Director: Maddie Stoy
Copywriter: Ruth Brandt & EJ Johnson

This lockup was created to be used across all the Juvéderm Lips assets.
It highlights the treatment area through iconography and copy. It also showcases the names of both Juvéderm's lip products. Volbella is known to add subtle and smooth volume to the lips whereas Ultra gives the lips a plumper appearance. 


Focus on Lips

The design system of this campaign was created to highlight the patient's lips. This was achieved through a few different visual treatments such as quick zooms into the lips, close cropping and animated swooshes. One unique visual tactic to this campaign is the camera viewfinder that focuses on the patient's lips and blurs everything else into the background. 

Testing Messaging & Audiences

Every asset in this campaign had an almost identical counterpart with either different messaging, treatment results or talent age. The purpose of this was to be able to test the two assets against each other and learn what our audience reacted to the most. Some of the tests included Natural Results vs Bold Results, Millennial Talent vs GenZ Talent and Cost Messaging vs Range of Results messaging. In the end, we learned our audience reacted most positively to our GenZ talent with the 'bold results' messaging. See an example of two assets we tested against each other below: 

Millennial talent with 'Natural Looking Results' message

GenZ talent with 'Bold, Plump Results' message

The Soundtrack

Because of the large scale of this campaign, we wanted a soundtrack that fit its energy perfectly and was ownable to
the brand. We worked with a sound house to create a custom track to be used across all lips-focused assets.

Juvederm LipsButter Music and Sound
00:00 / 01:03

Additional assets from the campaign:

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