You Bring The Flavor

Fruit Of The Loom was an iconic American brand of the 80s & 90s. In this pitch concept, we bring the brand back to modern American culture with zest. Fruit Of The Loom celebrates everyone’s unique flavor in this inclusive campaign that targets a gen-z audience paired with energetic design and a self-aware tone of voice. 

Agency: FCB Chicago
Role: Art Director
Creative Directors: Alan Shen & Chris Walker
Design: Amanda Sturgill
Copywriters: Tracy Silagi & Will Sharpe


“Just do it” “Go forth” “Live mas”

You shouldn’t be taking advice from pants on how to live. Or shoes. Or tacos.

And certainly not your underwear.


We’re all getting pretty tired of being told that the only way you can show
off who you really are, is through a burrito bowl. 


Only you know what makes you, you.

So let’s stop being a billboard for someone else’s brand.


It's time for a movement for those who don't need another brand telling

them who they are, because they already know.


Fruit of the Loom is basic, so that You Bring The Flavor.


GenZ Fruit

Fruit Of The Loom is known for their iconic bunch of fruit guys. When reimagining this brand, we wanted to keep the icons but 

bring them up to speed with modern times. Thus, the GenZ Fruit Bunch bloomed. 

This new fruit crew is inclusive, has attitude,

and makes the brand more ap-peel-ing to

a fresher audience.