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You're Invited

BOTOX® Cosmetic Day is our biggest annual event and this year, we invited EVERYONE to celebrate with us! Through CGI, we created an opulent invitation with gilded typography, tactile textures, lustrous paper and a golden wax seal
to top it all off. Dynamic movements, ethereal light and macro shots made this social-first campaign a true 'thumbstopper'.

Agency: FCB Chicago
Role: Art Director
Creative Director: Lauren Lenart
Design: Amanda Sturgill
Copywriters: Emilie Johnson


The Wax Seal

With eye-catching reflection and texture you can feel through
the screen, the golden wax seal quickly became our hero of the 'You're Invited' campaign. 


Working with CGI

We partnered with Lord + Thomas to produce all of our invitational assets in CGI. The use of CGI allowed us the flexibility to create the exact look, lighting and motion that we wanted to disperse across all of our many assets — in-feed social, stories, reels, digital banners and an OLV.  


The Invite

We wanted this campaign to feel celebratory, elevated and most importantly, inclusive.  The concept behind 'You're Invited' was to build excitement around the event while also inviting anyone and everyone to take part in it. 

Artboard 2.png
Artboard 1.jpg
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